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I am going to discuss today about a PTC site which has a great record to pay the users. Normally the ptc sites do not pay because they cannot earn from the advertiser and cannot increase their traffic. So the main thing is traffic. When a ptc site will be crawled again and again via posting something this will be ranked for advertising agency and will get more and more leads for advertising. Such as- paidverts.

I am including a website which is giving the membership upgrade through points system. Such as – to upgrade from first level to second level you need 1000 points. You will daily earn 60-80 points from clicking ads with cash ($0.10).

But the tricks maximum guys do not know- you will post a forum and will get 2 points for each

If you post 100 forums a day you will get 200 points and in 3 days you can upgrade your account for second level. Continue…..

Score Levels Dinasty!

10 Level $50 per click

9 Level $23.04 per click

8 Level $5.70 per click

7 Level $1.44 per click

6 Level $0.48 per click

5 Level $0.16 per click

4 Level $0.08 per click

3 Level $0.04 per click

2 Level $0.02 per click

1 Level $0.01 per click

Website link:  Click here…………………………………………….

Daily Earn : Based on your membership

Payment delay: Maximum 3 days…

If you face in any problem contact me…

Skype: mohabbot.hasan45

Mobile No.. 01729727900

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