First time when i hard about that i think its fake and not possible to make even 1k yearly with my browser without doing anything accept install a extension. But i try and cheek their payment prof to transfer my earning to my wallet and i succeed. So I think why not i tell this story and give you all to this opportunity to income extra money where you have to install a extension and when you open your browser you staring making some cash without doing anything. Sound interesting ! oq then tell me how you do this.

First you need to install Google chrome browser if you don’t have it. You may download from here- https://www.google.com/chrome/

After install it now open your browser and to go google and log in to your gmail account.

Oq now open this link with your chrome browser- https://getcryptotab.com/467076


Now click on ADD TO CHROME AND GET BITCOIN (Blue) Button and you may Find below option for confirmation to add extention

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Now click on ” Add Extension” and install it on your browser. And From Browser option you may active it if not automatically activate it in any case. Now click on orange button from right top corner of your browser (Beside bookmark option) and you may find new window like this-


Your Job it done. Now click on option (red mark on pic) and from setting option log in with your gmail account so that your earning is save every times when you open you browser.

Is it Fake or scam ? 

First i want to say that its not fake. if it was then google not keep this extension on their store and i trust google for that. scendly when you visit google store extension page you may find thousand of review about this extinction. So no Way to believe it is a scam.

Not its question how much you earn from here ?

You may earn one bit coin within 3 month and Its depend on your PC performance and Browser how frequently you open this to mining for earn.  its not necessary to open mining tab. when you start google browser its start mining on background.

How i Cashout my Earning Money ?

You need a bitcoin wallet to cash out your earning money and its absolutely free to create a wallet account. you may visit my wallet and can create one for you from here https://sannyasi.bitcoinwallet.com/

oh one thing i wanna tell you that online earning is a slow process and you have to wait for it. where i have nothing to buy for set up this then why you waitting for ! Just go ahead and create your own earning source with your browser. on this current date one bitcoin equal to 6839.95 USD. if your idle browser can earn this without you help then you should go for this and you have nothing to loss here.

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