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We have 6 mobile phone operators in our country among which Robi is one of the very well known one. Robi serves about 2.5 crores  people with their lowest call rates and exciting offers.  Their main focus is to please their customers. Robi had always come up with new ideas and offers to help people and now it is also offering recharge through online.

How is the online Recharge helpful for us?

It is too late at night! Need to make an urgent call. I cannot even dare to step out of the door as I am a girl. I have asked most of my male friends to help me recharge my balance. No one bothered to help. Suddenly a friend of mine calls. He had suggested me to go through the Robi website to escape the situation. I was very reluctant to do so. Out of desperation, I went through the website. After half an hour of continuous searching, I found a loophole to my problem. It was Robi Recharge Plus offer. It felt as if I found a diamond jewelry for free when I saw that I can recharge 24/7 from BDT 50 to BDT 1000. Without wasting further time, I have studied all the process of online recharge.

Soon I visited recharge.robi.com.bd and under certain instructions provided there I topped up BDT 200. Out of All local VISA credit card/debit card, All local/international Master Card, DBBL Nexus Card & DBBL Mobile Banking, BRAC Bank VISA debit card, I used BRAC Bank VISA debit card which were available. Later that night I have called all my friends who could not help me to brag about my achievement.

Robi has always thought about their customers and they design their offers based on customer’s preferences. As a customer of Robi, I have always loved the ideas and Offers shared by them.

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